Subdomain3 – A New Generation Of Tool For Discovering Subdomains

Subdomain3 - A New Generation Of Tool For Discovering Subdomains


Subdomain3 is a new generation of tool , It helps penetration testers to discover more information in a shorter time than other tools.The information includes subdomains, IP, CDN, and so on. Please enjoy it.


  • More quick

Three patterns for speed. User can modify the configuration(lib/ file to speed-up.

  • CDN support

Determines whether the subdomain uses CDN storage automatically,even though the dict of CDN severs not contain the cname suffix.


Sorting ip and report CIDR(example that it not use CDN storage;

  • Multi-level subdomain support

Discover more subdomains,

  • Big dict support

Million of subs support

  • Less resource consumption

1 CPU/1GB Memory/1Mbps bandwidth

  • More intelligent

Discover the fastest nameserver;The strategy of dynamically adjusting of dict by importing subdomains from other sources;Prevent dns cache pollution;

Getting started

git clone

pip install -r requirement.txt

python2/3 -d tagetdomain -s high -l 5


Short FormLong FormDescription
-d–domaintarget domain,for example:
-s        –speedspeed,three patterns:fast,medium,low
-f–fileThe list of target domain
-c–cnamen or y,collect cnames
-ns–default_dnsn or y
-f1–sub_filesub dict
-f2–next_sub_filenext sub dict
-f3–other_filesubdomain log from search engine



  • 2019-09-22: New strategy to prevent dns cache pollution;Optimize the processes,Fixed bug e.g
  • 2019-09-17: Automatically discover the fastest nameserver support;Determines whether the subdomain uses CDN storage automatically support;Improve the speed;Optimize the processes,Fix bug e.g
  • 2018-11-6: Improve the speed;Optimize the processes;
  • 2018-10-6: Api support,import brutedns_api and you will get the number of results in the end;Optimized the deduplication strategy;
  • 2018-2-14: Fix issue(TypeError: argument of type ‘NoneType’ is not iterable)
  • 2018-1-9: CDN PLAN;Add opthon oc collecting cname (-c –cdn t/f)
  • 2017-11-11: Import subdomains from other sources support(You should create a new file of target_domain.log, and put it with ‘’ in the same directory),it will improve the accuracy;it is more convenient for use API;
  • 2017-10-26: Optimize the processes;Fix bug;
  • 2017-10-11:Rebuild part of the program; Api support; Result is more readable;Update cdn-severs;faster
  • 2017-6-17: Delete universal parse opthon(-p t/f);Add a file of config;Optimze strategy for universal parse
  • 2017-5-2: Add a module(validate the domain),please modify “result_name” in the if you will use it;fix universal bug;update cdn-servers,etc
  • 2017-4-21: Optimze strategy for generating subname,Improve the speed
  • 2017-3-23: Add universal parse opthon(-p t/f)
  • 2017-3-17: Big dict support(for example: two million)
  • 2017-3-10: Read several domains from file support(-f domains) support;Update cdn-servers
  • 2017-2-26: Multilevel domain support(no upper limit);Big dict support;Take up about a third to a quarter as much memory;Faster
  • 2017-2-24: Mac support

Monster Zero Team 2019


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