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Grow your skills and advance your career with StationX. A Comprehensive online training platform for security professionals!

About StationX

Station X has been a leading provider of the best online cyber security courses and services since 1996.

We specialize in utilizing cutting-edge technology, extensive knowledge and experience, to help clients identify vulnerabilities and reduce business risk from cyber security attacks.

Before we dive into further details, let’s assume you are in a situation outlined below:

  • A Student:  You are a beginner to an intermediate student looking to develop, learn, sharpen, or advance their skill in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Someone with a Budget:  Assuming you are a student will most likely mean you do not have a strong financial background (just yet), you need training which is affordable.
  • Qualified IT Professional: You already possess security certifications but looking to upgrade or perhaps obtain more certs, but don’t have time due to a tight working schedule. StationX makes it affordable, time manageable and presents all major certifications needed in the IT security industry.
  • Looking for Informative and Easy To Understand Content:  A beginner or intermediate in this industry means you are someone who will start with the fundamentals and transition into further concepts as you continue to advance.  The content needs to be easy to understand, comprehensive, and absorbable.
  • Have Variety in Options:  Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean you are limited.  You have a specific area you want to direct your focus in so you can transition into the position of your liking.

If you are described in the one or more of the situations outlined above, then StationX is the “go-to” learning platform for you.

How does it work?

Just like any online learning platform. First thing to do is search the course you are interested. Once you signed up and ready to enroll, you will be inside your user dashboard as shown below.

Here you can select which course you want to study, if you have the VIP membership (88% coupon code included) you automatically have access to all courses.

Inside the course you will be presented with lectures, videos, exams and details about your instructor.


Station X Recommended Courses

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How to Use StationX

To maximise its full potential, we encourage you follow our study recommendations in order to gain the best possible learning experience.


For serious students who want to expand their learning into multiple areas of focus, Cybarrior highly encourages students to buy the VIP Full Access Membership, not only will this save you money in the long run, but you will also have complete access to over 100 courses of your choosing…  The VIP pass is a great value for the pricing.

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As obvious as it may seem, taking notes (handwritten or digital notes) can be very handy when it comes to learning.  Why? Often times we will forget certain concepts and ideas as we progress through a course. Taking notes not only encourages enhanced learning retention but also, is a great way to reference back to specific concepts forgotten or troubling.


This point may seem unnecessary but is very important for a student.  Staying consistent means continually progressing through a course while with dedicated attention.  Allocating a specific amount of time per day to learning is the best way to retain and maintain the skill trying to be learned.  Regardless of the learning platform utilized, you must stay consistent in the process – we cannot emphasize this point enough.


Often times a troubling factor for courses like the ones mentioned above are the application phases.  Sure you can learn and understand the concepts, but can you actually apply these to real-world encounters and problems?  This is why we recommend you follow along with the specific technologies, frameworks, and programs being used throughout the courses.  Follow the instructor’s examples and understand how each process works.

Do not be passive in your learning, apply what you are learning through exercises and following along with the instructor’s lessons or provided exercises.


To conclude these tips, Cybarrior recommends all students complete a started course to 100% completion.  Why? Without a complete dedication to finish a course entirety, you will not reap the greatest amount of benefits.  Being dedicated to finish something to completion is important for learning in cybersecurity… You cannot expect to learn when you are 30% done with a course…

Upon completion your will receive a certificate from StationX.

Try StationX today

StationX is a great starting platform for students interested in learning about cybersecurity and the certain kind of technical skills required for cyber careers.

Cybarrior encourages students to check out and consider StationX as the starting learning platform/network for their technical needs.

For full course details view our course page

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