MobiSec – Mobile Penetration Testing Distribution

This project was a DARPA CFT funded project that is now being released through OWASP. It is focused on providing a live environment for mobile security testing, forensics, reverse engineering and wireless analysis.

Mobile technology has changed the way we communicate; now smartphones and applications running on these phones are crucial for any organization. The corporate sector using the technology for their day to day operation, hence the risk and the hacking attacks have drastically increased; the purpose is understood, to steal information or damage everything.

Now it a job of penetration tester to make the envirenment secure and for mobile devices and applications we have Mobisec.

The objective of a security researcher and penetration tester is to test the mobile environment and give a clean chit to the management regarding the security of the environment so that they can go live.

What is Mobisec ?

The MobiSec Live Environment Mobile Testing open source project is a live environment for testing mobile environments, including devices, applications, and supporting infrastructure. The purpose is to provide attackers and defenders the ability to test their mobile environments to identify design weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

MobiSec provides a single environment for testers to leverage the best of all available open source mobile testing tools, as well as the ability to install additional tools and platforms, that will aid the penetration tester through the testing process as the environment is structured and organized based on an industry-proven testing framework. Using a live environment provides penetration testers the ability to boot the MobiSec Live Environment on any Intel-based system from a DVD or USB flash drive, or run the test environment within a virtual machine.

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Mobisec Installation

The MobiSec Live Environment can be installed onto a DVD, onto a USB flash drive, or onto a Virtual Machine. The instructions below are provided to assist the user in how to download and install based on the desired method.

To login to MobiSec, use the following credentials

username = mobisec
password = mobisec

Click here for the install instructions or Download Mobisec

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