Osmedeus – Fully Automated Tool for Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Scanning

Osmedeus allows you to run a collection of awesome tools for reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning against a target.


  • Subdomain Scan.
  • Subdomain TakeOver Scan.
  • Screenshot the target.
  • Basic recon like Whois, Dig info.
  • Web Technology detection.
  • IP Discovery.
  • CORS Scan.
  • SSL Scan.
  • Headers Scan.
  • Port Scan.
  • Vulnerable Scan.
  • Seperate workspaces to store all scan output and details logging.
  • React Web UI.
  • Support Continuous Scan.
  • Slack notifications.


git clone https://github.com/j3ssie/Osmedeus
cd Osmedeus

This install only focus on Kali linux, check more install on Wiki page

Also read: Reverie – Automated Pentest Tools Designed For Parrot Linux

How to use

If you have no idea what are you doing just type the command below or check out the Advanced Usage

./osmedeus.py -t example.com



Slack Noti

Slack Report

Web UI 1

Web UI 2

Web UI 3


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