How to Hack any Facebook Account with Z-Shadow

Z-Shadow automates the phishing process by generating links you forward to the victim.

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Hack Facebook account with Z Shadow

Step 1

Go to Z Shadow Website-

Step 2

Sign up for the z shadow account or sign in if you already have a z shadow account. Fill all the necessary details and click sign up.

Z Shadow Sign Up

Step 3

After you logged in, the page with the website description, website logo and, website link will appear as shown in the picture below.

Facebook Hack using Z Shadow Facebook Hack using Z Shadow Facebook Hack using Z Shadow

Step 4

On the page, there are several links of applications, games, social sites and, even PayPal. Click on any link you like.

Step 5

When you select the language for the link, the link will appear so copy that link and send it to the victim. The link will be valid for 6 hours only so send the link to the person in a valid time period only.

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Step 6

Now wait for the person to log in and their credentials will be in your Z Shadow account. This is how you can hack facebook using Z Shadow.

Z Shadow Fake Login

Z Shadow Credentials

Candy Crush Fake LoginZ Shadow Credentials

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