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Demonsaw is a new type of information sharing application that allows you to share your files securely. It’s the next leap in the evolution of a free internet, and the debut of social cryptography. Demonsaw is designed to protect your anonymity and hide what you’re sharing.

Your IP address is never revealed to the world. Share whatever you want, with whomever you want, without fear.

Every information sharing application over the past 45+ years has had 3 common elements: the ability to upload/download files, the ability to control program flow, and the ability to transfer data. Demonsaw is different from other information sharing applications because it breaks up these different types of abilities into separate network components that act autonomously. By doing this demonsaw creates an extra layer of abstraction that completely secures your information sharing.

Demonsaw is a type of decentralized private cloud network. It takes the best features from centralized applications, like Dropbox, and decentralized applications, like BitTorrent, and merges them into a seamless new type of hybrid information sharing application. By levering your home Internet access, you become your own secure information sharing network.

DemonSaw v4.1.1 Released

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Free Cross Platform Information Sharing: DemonSaw

    • Beyond Simplicity

      Get demonsaw running in just seconds! The simplicity of demonsaw, however, masks a complex core with dozens of features for advanced users.


    • Effortless Security

      Keep your secrets safe from governments and corporations with the most secure information sharing application ever created! demonsaw features multiple layers of military-strength crypto in an adaptive, modular, and customizable environment.


    • Complete Anonymity

      Your identity is protected on a decentralized, private cloud-based network. Messages and data are always isolated, and your IP address is never shared.


    • Free Forever

      Keep your wallet happy! No money, no ads, no honeypots, no lies, no bullshit! And, unlike competitors, we aren’t in the bitcoin mining business, either 🙂


Free Cross Platform Information Sharing: DemonSaw Free Cross Platform Information Sharing: DemonSaw Free Cross Platform Information Sharing


The demonsaw client allows you to join groups, share, search, browse and transfer files, and chat with other clients in your group.

To set up demonsaw, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the client application. Next, you’ll need to connect to a router. If you already know the address/port of an existing router, you can enter that address. If you don’t know the address/port of an existing router, you’ll need to download demonsaw and configure your own router (private information sharing network). The router tutorial will walk you through the router set up steps. For advanced networks, you can download the web server. The Server Tutorial will walk you through the server set up steps.


The demonsaw router allows you to host your own private information sharing Cloud. You can do this anywhere, such on an extra computer at home, at a university, at work, etc. From a technical standpoint, the router groups clients, controls program flow, and (optionally) transfers data. It provides similar functionality to a torrent tracker, but without the centralized constraints and risks of being shut down.

The router uses standard HTTP to communicate with other demonsaw applications (i.e. clients, servers). When not configured to transfer data, the router has very little network overhead, allowing it to blend easily in with the rest of the HTTP traffic on your network. The end result is a private and decentralized information sharing Cloud that can adapt to your personal information sharing needs.

For smaller networks, the router can also function as a server. This use case is ideal for people who want more of a private Dropbox-like solution and aren’t necessarily concerned with the security benefits of abstracting the data transfer. This works well when the information sharing bandwidth needs and total number of clients are minimal (< 10). Clients connect to a single router and the router performs all of the data transfer. Performance will eventually be a concern since the router performs all of the message and data processing. Security will also be a lot weaker in this configuration since there are no separate servers to abstract the transfer of data.


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