Shadowave: Hacking Facebook ID By Sending Link

Shadowave is a website that provides a “verified” phishing page to gain login details of the victim.Requirements

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Shadowave Apk – Hack fb account password online

Go to Shadow wave sign up page if you’re new.

In case you have an account, login using shadowave account login page.

Shadowave apk login : Hack Facebook ID By Sending Link

Shadow wave Sign in

Fill in all the information as required.

Choose and enter desired Shadowave username, Password, Email, age & country of residence.

Complete the captcha & then hit Sign Up button.

Congrats! You’ve successfully created your Shadowave App account!

Shadowave account login

If you have account already simly login to your account & proceed further.

In case you had forgot your password, go through Shadowave forgot password process.

Shadowave apk : Hack Facebook ID By Sending Link


In case you registered new, after some time you will be automatically login to your account.


Shadowave app - Hack Facebook account password phishing


Click on first link (English) in Facebook profile option.



There you will find 6 options fill all 4 options and in first 2 option choose any image that you want to display for your Facebook profile. Make sure you make a verified profile.



Hack fb ID by sending link using Shadowave apk


  • After creating your profile you will get your profile link. (i.e  the link that you are going to send to your victim).
  • This will help you in hacking into someone’s fb id simply using this link. This method is also called social engineering.

You will redirect to my page if you don’t then click on my page and you will see a link copy the link.and send this link to the victims.You can send this link with messenger or just with a simple sms.

If the victim clicked on your link he/she will see a page which is similar to Facebook page or add a friend button. If he/she clicked on the add friend button, a login form will appear.

This is a fake login page but after they logged in with their email/phone and password go to your “My Victims” page on shadowave and notice their account details hacked!

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