April 2019

Flerken – Obfuscated Command Detection Tool

Command line obfuscation has been proved to be a non-negligible factor in fileless malware or malicious actors that are “living off the land”. To bypass signature-based detection, dedicated obfuscation techniques are shown to be used by red-team penetrations and even APT activities. Meanwhile, numerous obfuscators (namely tools perform syntax transformation) are open sourced, thus making obfuscating given commands increasingly effortless.Read More »Flerken – Obfuscated Command Detection Tool

Top 10 Cyber Security Podcasts

Production values aside, IT podcasts are frequently guilty of treating the audience like they are either an 83-year-old grandmother with only the vaguest notion of what a computer is; or alternatively expects that everyone listening was possibly the lead developer on the product under discussion.Read More »Top 10 Cyber Security Podcasts

Top 20 Operating Systems for Hackers, Pentesters, Blue and Red Teamers

Here we listed the best operating systems used today by hackers, pentesters, blue and red teamers. (basically anyone in the security sector)

These include penetration testing distro’s, specialized OS’s that focus’ malware analysis, wifi hacking, forensic investigations, network monitoring and even a honeypot distribution. The choice is completely yours! Read More »Top 20 Operating Systems for Hackers, Pentesters, Blue and Red Teamers