Guardicore – Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool to Discover Malicious IPs and Domains

Cyber Threat Intelligence tool launched by Guardicore Labs, it offers information based on malicious Internet IP addresses and domains detected by Guardicore.

It provides you a clean and easy to understand dashboard and it rates top attackers IP address, attacked ports, malicious domains, scanners, and malicious IPs.

free cyber threat Intelligence tool

According to Guardicore, the threat information is retrieved from three main resources that include “Guardicore Global Sensors Network (GGSN), Guardicore Reputation Services, and the insights of the Guardicore Labs team.”

“With the launch of Guardicore Threat Intelligence tool, the cybersecurity community now has the opportunity to benefit from the same insights leveraged by Guardicore to protect its customers.”


“Busy security teams can now benefit from a trusted, freely available resource that allows them to keep track of potential threats and enjoy unique analysis specific to data center attacks,” said Pavel Gurvich, Co-founder and CEO, Guardicore.

Guardicore detailed threat information report includes the Services Targeted by attackers, IP Address, ISP, Country, WHOIS data and Attack flow. The tools also show the role of an IP in the attack.

free cyber threat Intelligence tool

The new free Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool will be more handy for Security analysts, threat hunters, and forensics teams to determine the threats, verify IPs and IoCs. It reduces the time of checking into multiple sources.

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Now the Guardicore Threat Intelligence tool is freely available and you can use the tool to detect malicious IPs and domains.

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