Tweetlord – Twitter profile dumper with authorization swapping

Tweetlord is an open source Twitter profile dumper (downloader) with the on-the-fly account swapping support for bypassing the rate limit restrictions.

It is written in Python 3, uses the Twitter API and generates .xlsx files at the output containing comprehensive information about the given profile.


tweetlord works great both on Windows and GNU/Linux systems, but the resulting .xlsx dump files look prettier when opened in MS Excel app rather than in LibreOffice


You want to set your API keys (could be found here) in the file for every Twitter account you want to involve in the procedure. It is needless to say that the more accounts you specify, the faster the dumping process will be (but nevertheless you can specify only one account). If a mistake is made when filling the credentials, the script will terminate with an unhandled tweepy exception, so keep that in mind.

git clone
cd tweetlord
pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage [-h] (-u USER | -l) [-fr FRIENDS] [-fo FOLLOWERS]
             [-fa FAVORITES] [-ti TIMELINE] [-o OUTPUT] [-w] [-e] [-d]

required arguments:
  -u USER, --user USER    set the user profile you want to dump: <USER> could be a screen name or an account ID (if it is an ID, you should start the string with the "id" prefix, e. g. "id859377203242426368")
  -l, --show-limits       show the rate limit status (total → remaining → time_to_wait_till_reset) for each of the accounts you set when configuring the tool

optional arguments:
  -fr N, --friends N      set the number of friends to be dumped (if N == -1 then tweetlord will try to dump all friends)
  -fo N, --followers N    set the number of followers to be dumped (if N == -1 then tweetlord will try to dump all followers)
  -fa N, --favorites N    set the number of favorite tweets to be dumped (if N == -1 then tweetlord will try to dump all favorite tweets)
  -ti N, --timeline N     set the number of tweets from user's timeline to be dumped (if N == -1 then tweetlord will try to dump all timeline tweets)
  -a, --all               dump ALL the sections with ALL the items in each of them
  -o NAME, --output NAME  set the output filename (".xlsx" ending will be added)
  -w, --wait-on-limit     sleep if the rate limit is exceeded (the sleeping time will be printed)
  -e, --tweet-extended    get the whole tweet text but not only the first 140 chars
  -d, --debug             debug mode (extra info messages will be show when exceptions are caught)

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