jSQL Injection – Automatic SQL Database Injection

jSQL Injection is a Java application for automatic SQL database injection.


Automatic SQL Database Injection: jSQL Injection Automatic SQL Database Injection: jSQL Injection



  • GET, POST, header, cookie methods
  • Normal, error based, blind, time based algorithms
  • Automatic best algorithm selection
  • Multi-thread control (start/pause/resume/stop)
  • Progression bars
  • Shows URL calls
  • Simple evasion
  • Proxy setting
  • Distant file reading
  • Webshell deposit
  • Terminal for webshell commands
  • Configuration backup
  • Update checker
  • Admin page checker
  • Brute forcer (md5 mysql…)
  • Coder (encode decode base64 hex md5…)
  • Supports MySQL



Injection and local test

Running injection requires the URL of a local or distant server, and the name of parameter to inject.
For a local test, you can save the following PHP code into file ‘simulate_get.php’ and move it to the root folder of your web server (e.g /www), then use

and finally click Connect to read the local database:


    $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM my_own_table where my_own_field = ". $_GET['lib'])# time based
        ordie( mysql_error());# error based

    if( mysql_num_rows($result)!==0) echo " something ";# blind

    while( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_NUM))
        echo join(',',$row);# normal?>




Automatic SQL Database Injection: jSQL Injection download

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