Expl-iot – Internet of Things Exploitation Framework

Expliot is a framework for security testing IoT and IoT infrastructure. It provides a set of plugins (test cases) and can be extended easily to create new plugins.

The name expliot is a pun on exploit and explains the purpose of the framework i.e. Internet of Things (IoT) exploitation. It is developed in python3.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to extend
  • Support for most IoT protocols
  • Support for Radio IoT protocols
  • Support for hardware protocols
  • One-stop-shop for IoT and IoT infrastructure security testing.


  • Download the repo
  • $ cd expliot
  • $ python setup.py install


$ efconsole


Suggest new plugins/test cases
Share any vulnerability information that can be translated to a plugin
Please do not submit a patch, instead send me an email about what you have in mind
Report bugs


Download Expliot

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